Tips for Blocked Drains

Need to unblock a kitchen sink, toilet, drain or storm water sump?

Try these tips!

Blocked Kitchen Sink

If your kitchen sink is blocked, it’s probably a build up of grease. Try plunging it – just remember to have plenty of water above the plunger.

If it’s running slowly, put the plug in the bowl (both bowls if there are two) and fill to the top with hot water – the hotter the better. When they’re full, turn the tap off and put a few generous squirts of dishwashing liquid or washing detergent in each bowl. Remember – you don’t want bubbles, just hot soapy water!

Next – use a fork or gloves to pull the plug/s out so you don’t burn your hand. Leave the hot soapy water to drain, it should aid in clearing the grease and debris. If this still isn’t clearing your sink, we’d recommend you get assistance from us.

We have special equipment to deal with blockages. We mechanically clear or blast the sink with 5000psi pressure jetting so it looks like new! We would also put a camera up the drain to confirm the blockage has been cleared.

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Blocked Toilet

Do you really want to be doing this?

Keep in mind that your entire drain may be blocked, so you may be playing with brown water for no reason! If you’re feeling brave, read on…

Assuming it’s just the toilet that’s blocked, you can try to plunge it with a mop. The older style mops have a long handle (highly advantageous!) and are a good option. The mop should act as a plunger and hopefully push the cause of the blockage through the trap.

Be careful not to scratch the toilet bowl as it will be scratched for life – it will then look like there are small pencil lines in your toilet! Don’t use drain rods through the toilet either.

If you’d prefer we take care of the ‘messy business’ of clearing a blocked toilet, call us 24hours/day on 1300 558 445.

We’ll not only clear the blockage, we’ll also pressure jet your toilet so it looks like new and use a camera to confirm the pipes are clear!


Blocked Storm Water Sump

To clear a blocked storm water sump you need to pale or suck out the excess water to expose the sump.

Once it’s dry, dig out the sand and/or debris restricting flow and drainage. If tank walls are oily, appropriate cleaning and disposal will be required.

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Never use chemical drain cleaner!!!

OK, never say never – but there are problems with using a chemical drain cleaner.

The idea with a chemical drain cleaner is that via a chemical reaction with the water the chemical drain cleaner will degrade the cause of the blockage to such an extent that it will break down and clear the blockage, allowing the drain cleaner and blockage to flow down the drain. This is all good in theory, the problem begins when the chemical drain cleaner doesn’t clear the blockage.

This leaves you with a sink, basin, toilet or bath full of water etc. that is now caustic! This is potentially quite dangerous so watch your skin and eyes! Tools and drain rods won’t like it either (they’ll rust in front of your eyes!). The chemical drain cleaner also likes to set into a crusty substance, further compounding the blockage if it is unable to clear it. So don’t just throw drain cleaner in and expect it to do miracles! Think about how much soap you’d need to put on a frying pan to clean it without any rubbing!

You also need a plan for how to deal with the caustic water if the drain doesn’t clear.

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